XD Design is a proud Dutch brand present in over 50 countries and more than 3.000 retailers worldwide. Our journey started with the creation of our design Studio in Shanghai that is run by ambitious in-house designers from all over the world. Since then, we had over 50.000 backers on crowdfunding platforms.

Bobby Hero:
• Hidden Zippers & RFID Protected Pockets • Cut Resistant Connected • Integrated USB charging port Organized • Fits a 12.9" Tablet • Fits a 13.3" Laptop • Organizer Panel • Variety of Inner Compartments • Adjustable Open Angles • Made from Recycled Materials (RPET)

Bobby Compact: • Hidden Zippers & Pockets • Cut Resistant • Integrated USB charging port • Optimal Weight Balance • Water repellent fabric • Illuminating safety strips • Shock-proof compartments • Luggage strap • An integrated Rain cover • A foldable shopping tote • Fits a 14" Laptop (laptop compartment)

Bobby Tech: Solar Panel Charge your phone or tablet with solar energy. Wireless Charger Anti-Theft design. hidden zippers & pockets No front access, Cut-resistant, Lockable main zipper, Integrated USB port (regular and Type C), Fidlock system: bottle holder & phone holder, Eco-friendly material (RPET), Water repellent material, RFID protected pockets, Middle layer for access to the main compartment. Padded laptop compartment up to 15.6" Padded tablet compartment up to 12.9" Bobby Tech — The ultimate backpack for gadget lovers!

Bobby Sling: Safe, comfortable, and smart, the Bobby Sling was designed for the city travelers. Feel protected with the famous Bobby anti-theft features like hidden zippers, no front access, RFID protected pocket, and cut resistant material, also a 3 points safe buckle will make sure that your daily essentials are always along your body. Additional features like water-resistant material and integrated USB charging port make this crossbody backpack the most convenient option for your everyday journey.

Bobby Soft For university, school, work or your next trip, the Bobby Soft Backpack is ready! The iconic Bobby anti-theft design with hidden and RFID protected pockets, no front access and hidden zippers is now complemented with a safe zipper puller on the main compartment to keep you belongings even more secure.

Elle : • Hidden Zippers & Pockets • YKK zippers • Cut Resistant • Lightweight material • Water repellent fabric • Reflective safety strips • Organizer panel • Padded tablet compartment up to 9.7" • Bottle holder (inside) Travel Safe and Travel in Fashion with the Elle backpack

1 euro of every XD Design Sustainable bag sold, will be donated to justdiggit.org
-Make dry land green again to make a positive climate impact Check our sustainable bags at www.xd-design.com/sustainable-bags ♻️ or learn more about our sustainable journey at www.xd-design.com/sustainability

Founded in 2003, SUNNYLIFE is the world's leading summer lifestyle brand, designed to service and enhance the best parts of life under the sun. Conceived on the beaches of Sydney, the brand was established with a simple goal: to share Australia’s authentic summer style with the rest of the world. Today our products can be found on beaches, in pools and at sun drenched holiday destinations across the globe.

This summer we are bringing Rock and Roll to the beach through a very exciting capsule range with none other than the iconic Rolling Stones.

The makeover your pool has been waiting for. Make the sunny season one to remember with Sunnylife's Insta-famous floats. Each little sparkle is shaped as a little star or heart to be perfect in every detail. Sparkle in the sunshine all day long. If you like summer then put a ring on it with our Glitter Pool Ring.

Summer Games Towel
Call Of The Wild
This ultra-soft and highly absorbent Sunnylife towel is the ultimate game changer. Indulge your winning streak both poolside and beachside with this must have beach accessory with wooden playing pieces.

Beach Umbrella
Nouveau Bleu - Indigo
With 360-degree tilt action and a canopy boasting a sun protective coating, this shady character supports hours of fun at the beach with a clear conscience too given it is made from 100% recyclable polyester. Stylish hand-painted nautical stripes in ripples of deep indigo deliver French chic to coastlines across the globe.

Beach Chair
Peachy Pink
If you can't stand the heat, head to the beach with Sunnylife. Lounging in the sand just got a whole lot more luxurious with the Sunnylife Beach Chair.

Mini Float Ring
Surfing Dino
Let your little ones pick their BFF (Best Float Friend) for a summer full of adventures. Let the little one in on the fun with the Sunnylife Mini Float Ring

Introducing our new flames and fragrances to ignite a little spark in your life. Follow your nose and go where the summer scent takes you.

At the forefront of the Vinyl Revolution, we at Crosley Radio have our roots planted in the history of analog music players, but we also keep our eyes turned to the future progression of sound. From our stylish line of record players, to our newest series of high fidelity turntables, we’re working to bring new life to a classic medium.


As the Cruiser’s bigger brother, the Crosley Portfolio has a diamond needle, better built-in speakers and an enriched design in a slightly bigger suitcase.


Send music on a fun tropical vacation in the stylish Bermuda. Based on vintage Dansette sets, this iconic two-speed turntable can stand on its slender, mod legs or chill out on a tabletop. The portable Bermuda, offers full -range stereo speakers, pitch control, and Bluetooth connectivity, so it’s ready to party anywhere sweet music belongs


Join Crosley's mission to bring analog music to the masses with the Voyager three-speed turntable. The clean, vintage-inspired aesthetic fits into any space, while the lightweight design allows this record player to travel “further than anyone, or anything in history.” Spin 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM records or launch the built-in Bluetooth receiver to transmit your digital music wirelessly through the turntable’s stereo speakers. Discover the RCA outputs on the back that allow you to easily plug into your existing solar music system or bigger speakers to add propulsion to any party. Drop the needle on a reissue of the golden record, probe the adjustable pitch control knob to dial in the speed and prepare for blast

Crosley Sterling

The Crosley Sterling Portable Turntable gives off that one of a kind vibe. In fact, it can easily be mistaken for a true vintage record player instead of a reproduction. The unique look combined with the great sound, solid construction, and overall quality makes this model a steal for the price.


/The Charlotte is a full-range Bluetooth speaker that was designed to go wherever music takes you. The minimalistic, intuitive design makes it easy to switch between wireless Bluetooth streaming and the aux-in option which allows you to plug in your turntable or other device. Plug in and charge up while you’re at the home or office and take it on the go thanks to the built-in lithium-ion batteries. There’s even a USB plug so you can charge your phone while you’re jamming out at your next picnic (because we all know that IG stories kill your battery).

Usbepower is a creator and designer of innovative charging solutions with cutting edge details certified to charge all connected devices, including Apple. Pragmatic and intuitive, the brand is reshaping our relationship to technology by creating iconic and colorful accessories for daily use. Usbepower is universal high-speed charging coupled with functional design. Experience beautiful and smart tech.

Usbepower reorganizes your plugs and tech life with minimalism. The best iPhone 12 charger you can find for any model. The cable that does come with the iPhone will be a USB-C to Lightning cable and you'll need USB-C charger to go with it. Don't worry, Usbepower is here.

FUSION Plus is a power bank that offers a built-in and magnetic cable to recharge the battery itself. It also has 2 USB ports, of 2,4 amperes each, to charge quickly and safely all types of connected devices. Its delicate shape allows to tidy up a cable of 2 meters. With its 6000 mAh capacity, you can refill more than 2 times your smartphone battery.

Innovative and attractive, Usbepower products feature geometric forms, high quality materials, a range of rich colors and smart functionalities. Beauty, usability and sensibility are the hallmarks of this French brand that is doing away with the clunky power strip hidden under the couc.

Prepare your vacation check list and don’t forget your Fusion power bank. Just chill out and have a good time. Summer is here.

Transform yourself into an aurora of light, with this fun Interactive Glow In The Dark T-shirt. Watch the T-shirt come to life, by drawing on the glow canvas with any concentrated light source. Add a magical sparkle to your night and let your imagination run wild!

The T-Shirt comes with a special Glow Pen, which you can use to draw directly onto the magical glow in the dark canvas. The darker it is where you are using your T-Shirt, the brighter your drawing will glow. So a pitch black room would make it glow very bright!

Designs last for 5 minutes, before miraculously fading away, allowing you to draw new designs over and over again. The magical glow canvas will last up to 10 years without losing any of Its sparkle. No batteries inside the T-shirt (machine washable).

The Glow Pen requires batteries which can be replaced. Bonus Fact– If you stand outside on a sunny day and head back into a dark place or room, your T-shirt will glow really bright!

✨ One size fits all - adjustable elastic strap with buckle
✨ USB rechargeable - charging cable included
✨ 7 Bright colours - with 11 settings - solid & flashing modes
✨ Colours: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Aqua, Pink, White,
✨ Water-resistant - Fine in the rain
✨ 3-5 hour battery life
✨ Do not machine wash - recommended to clean by hand using an anti-bacterial wipe.
At Illuminated Apparel we're on a mission to create fun, innovative products, that are loved by the entire family!

Keywi Keychain charger with reverse wireless KEYWI is an amazingly smart keychain that gives your phone or AirPods the battery boost it needs in case of an emergency. Hang this mini power bank to your keys or bag to have it with you all the time. No cable needed.

Mini charging cube with reverse wireless Charge your phone & AirPods with the magic cube! Small in size, big in power. Inspired by USBEPOWER’s cube, CUBO is a concentrate of technologies that combine high charging power and unique design.

With its 3 000mAh capacity, this mini cube gives up to 15 hours* of extra battery to your smartphone battery and up to 100 hours* to your AirPods. Simply put any wireless compatible device on the cross and let the magic of wireless operates. Compact and ingenious, it also features a USB-A port and a USB-C port to charge two additional devices.

Who said Tech was boring and dull? Wipop was created to break this cliché. Discover Wipop, a Fashion Tech accessory that will enhance any look while providing your device with the battery needed when days are busy.

PRIVATE STOCK LABS is a brand developed by J.K. Private Stock Inc., a global PPE manufacturing and distribution company. Scientifically engineered and designed in New York City, Private Stock Labs was born and inspired by the impact and effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Founder Jon Koon, has attained global accolades as an artist, designer, and pioneering entrepreneur. Rooted heavily in the creative industries, rivate Stock Labs is Mr. Koon’s vision of creating a modern and innovative product, rooted in social responsibility, that promotes safety and health, while providing a twist of style and personality.

Each and every Private Stock Labs mask is individually sealed to ensure cleanliness, while being made exclusively from Eco-friendly BOPP film. The sustainable BOPP film is easily recyclable, and its production process leads to a significant reduction in its carbon footprint in comparison to more widely used plastic films and bags.

When it comes to our packaging, Private Stock Labs boxes are made from FSC certified paper, knowing that the paper being used has been harvested in a responsible manner that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. Each box has a unique FSC label and number confirming that the materials being used have been audited to meet FSC's rigorous social and environmental standards.

PRIVATE STOCK LABS are produced following strict global guidelines to ensure the most effective and high quality masks in the market. Our masks are produced as “disposable” masks, as the materials and construction used on disposable masks are scientifically proven to be the most effective in protecting the user.

In efforts to promote sustainability, UV-C light boxes have been installed widely across most hospitals globally to disinfect and reuse masks. We recommend using a UV-C light box to disinfect your mask after each use. By utilizing UV-C light, you can easily re-use your Private Stock Labs multiple times.

Inspired by the hope for a healthy unified world, Private Stock Labs donates 10% of all profits to help aid those in need, with a focus on aiding covid-19 relief on a global scale. Private Stock Labs regularly seeks people and entities that are in need of PPE and will direct its charity efforts to promote health awareness and to serve as an agent of social responsibility.